Alexander Ma: Firsthand account of launching a company in the US

Alexander Ma: Firsthand account of launching a company in the US

Hi there to all of you. I want to talk to you today about my 1977 experience of launching a company in the US.

I hope you may use my experience as a guide and a mirror to better yourself when you face challenges and disappointments in your day-to-day life.

The suffering brought on by avarice

I hauled up the “sall” of my company after establishing it in the United States in the late 1970s. As it turned out, my greed sentenced me to an extended time of hardship and suffering. I was having a lot of problems in the US at the time. I was broke, non-English speaking, in a new sector… Simultaneously, I had financial difficulties. Since I was selling car parts at the time in addition to apparel and real estate, the “stack” was extremely large, and issues started to crop up one after the other.

There were seven offices at the time, located in New York City, Brooklyn, and Queens, as well as throughout the US east coast, extending from south to north. It is possible that issues exist everywhere. How to set aside problems when there are so many?

Every day after work, I change into new clothes, wash my face, and go to the Buddhist hall to meditate in an attempt to tame this discomfort, annoyance, and problem.

Hearts are “determined” and have their own responses.

I am aware that I would like not to allow the problems and issues at these workplaces get to me. Meditation should be used to quiet the heart because once Qi is raised, it may become very comfortable and joyful right away and all knowledge will emerge of its own accord. To help Qihe’s disturbed heart to rapidly find tranquility, she must remove herself from all anxieties and emotions. But I was unable to relax and meditate once I got home since I had a lot of issues.

How can I go about doing that?

The approach was really basic at first. I made every effort to read the Buddha, cast a curse, and control my emotions.

As I informed everyone, problems and difficulties had obviously vanished when I entered, and I felt as though my body was in a really joyful and comfortable condition. All necessary responses will emerge organically, for example: In the first scenario, the response instructs me on what action to do. How should one, two, three, and four be handled? Alright, take care of it after you’ve solved it.

In the second scenario, the response is probably going to be that you have to wait to find out how and what to do.

In the third scenario, there is absolutely no answer. There is absolutely no strategy, especially when things are tight financially, negatively impacting the situation overall, and the banks are tightening.

I have experienced a great deal in this dire circumstance, so it is pointless to aggravate. I have to go through this road and tell myself unequivocally and firmly that as long as I cross the finish line, whether it is too soon or not, as long as I have the heart to complete the integrity issue, do a decent job now, and put out the effort I deserve. I will do my best to prove that I am worthy of people, goods, and workers.”

In the image, Mr. Ma is seen snapping a photo of his American residence.

Be ready for something worse.

It’s simple to say, of course, but it was a very long time to see tomorrow. I have no idea when the chance will present itself or when the talent will emerge. For a very long period, I have traveled using this mindset and technique. There are theories and practices, but what does believing ultimately lead to? Will you be able to handle the last challenge?

You cannot, no matter how intelligent, knowledgeable, or brave you are, accept the worst-case scenario in your heart as it will always be there, hanging there, terrified, fearful, and afraid.

Thus, in this respect, gradually and diligently work on yourself:

Step 1: What will I do if I fail and then shut the company? All of them are easy.

Step 2: I still have a lot of debts even after turning it off. How am I going to survive? I don’t have any trouble seeing this scenario in my imagination.

Step 3: The hardest part is figuring out what to do if there is nothing left for these reasons. I also considered accepting it and saw myself living alone in such circumstance. I’m able to operate a cab outside. I can still live and I’m still powerful. I really follow my course and always have a genuine objective as long as I live.

Ever since I was able to fully perceive sex, I have followed my life’s ambition.

The aim of this endeavor is rather straightforward: Tianxingjian gentleman is always striving to better himself and is always self-improvement. As a result, I am aware that yin and yang coexist in antagonism and cause and effect. Pain and happiness, failure and achievement all have similar origins. I really do think so.

In light of this, even in the worst-case scenario—that is, if I am dying, alone, ill, and end myself on the streets of New York during the winter—I know that all I have to do is “keep my heart and keep my beliefs.” Dawn, day, and spring will undoubtedly arrive as long as I am able to grasp onto every minute of the present, regardless of how wonderful or awful it may be at the time.”

In the image, Mr. Ma is seen snapping a photo of his American residence.

Be a brave, wise, and courageous person.

And I really believe that the more I am thrown about, the more deeply I am trained, and the more I fall, the stronger I will be when I get back up. Growing up in the wind and rain makes you naturally powerful and capable of becoming a beam, much as the large trees do.

I have such a strong heart as a result that I have no fear of dying. However, I also realized very early on that there was nothing to fear since the soul’s separation from the body after death was only the start of something new. Gentlemen, now that I’ve given it some thought, I no longer fear death, illness, or poverty. I had to endure this for a very long time—not just a day, not a month, not a year, but 10 years.

I have made the worst plans for myself, and if I am slow and persistent, I will be unable to do anything. In order to really muster bravery, knowledge, and enormous responsibility, I must first release my face. I’ve always thought like this.

That’s the reason I said today that this platform would eventually house some brave and responsible individuals. For that reason.

So I responded on the platform to a buddy. Her spouse feels that the fulfillment of a material existence is incompatible with the sanctity of meditation. The other is social material existence, while the first is spiritual. There is a tension between the two.

The two, in my opinion, are not at all at odds. They complement and support one another. I can share my story with you because I was able to resist being tortured in the outside world and as a result, I strengthened, solidified, wised, and practicalized my practice.

In the image, Mr. Ma is seen snapping a photo of his American residence.

Too many businesspeople in the nation, particularly now, are unsure of whether tomorrow will come at all. Even though I am, I am aware that other companies are now dealing with the same issue. But I’ve already had things in place. There won’t be any difficulties or suffering since I am both financially and mentally prepared. However, I was mentally ready even if I lacked the necessary funds.

Everyone, practice is like this, life is much more so, and that’s how life is. All of these struggles, disappointments, and agony must be seen in the right light. It is a passive, painful, and failing individual if you see it as a negative loser. On the other hand, they are surrounded by some really successful friends. Every time they face problems, they turn those hardships and aches into new challenges. They want to succeed in life because they want to get over these challenges, end these sufferings, and find comfort.

Nothing is possible without intelligence, bravery, and courage!

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