Get Paid to Write: 23 Lucrative Websites for Writers

Get Paid to Write: 23 Lucrative Websites for Writers

Are you having trouble locating chances for work from home? You may definitely follow the trend of people who wish to earn more money easily without working in an office. Find out how to write for pay right now!

 Do you want to write for a living?

Even if you may only want to write for pleasure or as a pastime, you can start a successful freelance writing career and earn a lot of money.
Many individuals and businesses want articles created, but they lack the time or expertise to do it themselves.
You may create articles on a range of themes and earn money as a freelance writer.

They may work as profitable side gigs in a range of sectors and are often paid by word or project.
I’ve done some research on writing-related websites, so let’s look at my top choices and describe your best options:

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 For those looking to supplement their income, including college students and working mothers, freelancing writing is a fantastic possibility.
Here are my top recommendations for anybody looking for part-time or full-time freelance work that are ideal for freelancers:
– Top Blogs for Payment (and Sell Articles) – Own Yours!
– Best Paid for Poetry, Stories, and More AV Club – The Sun Magazine – The Greatest News Website for Article Writing
FlexJobs is the best freelance writer employment site.

No Cost Ebooks

These websites will pay you to write.

There will always be clients ready to pay independent writers for content since freelancing is recession-proof.
Writing for a living has never been simpler thanks to the internet. How much they are willing to assist with blog posts, published articles, short tales, and other material on your website for search engine optimization

These are the top websites that pay writers that we’ve uncovered. You may create articles, blog posts, guest posts, and more for these companies.

1. Your own blog

One of the finest ways to use your writing abilities to share your ideas and opinions with others and earn money while writing for yourself is to start a blog.
By maintaining a blog and creating unique content for each article, you may earn money for writing online with the assistance of several blogging sites.
Writing blog entries for online publications may be compensated in a variety of ways, including affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and product or service sales.

Not having to submit your short tales to others for approval is one of the many benefits of building your own website for web hosting.
You are free to write whatever you want and publish it as often as you see fit. Writing reviews, developing recipes to share, promoting your lifestyle as an influencer, and other activities may all earn you money.
Instead of paying for another site all at once, each article might generate an endless amount of passive revenue each year—some bloggers earn six figures annually!
You may use your blog as a portfolio website and charge others for your writing services. Why not write for other people and increase your income?

2. Lisbeth

New writing appears in Liisbeth, an online literary journal, during the third week of every month with the exception of July.
Liisbeth attempts to arrange material according to subject when a distinct theme is present. Typically, they fill available jobs around three months in advance.

Salary: $250 to $2000; rates are modified for article specifics and depending on a livable salary.
Subjects covered include feminism, innovation, business, critical analysis, commentary, and disapproval of laws and other structures that promote inequality.
Types of articles: essays, personal essays, and picture essays

3. Superior Individual Budgeting

A website called Elite Personal Finance is seeking guest writers for pieces on personal finance subjects.
This website pays a lot of money for guest articles, and if your piece is turned down, they’ll give you advise on how to improve your writing to better fit their readership.

Payment: $300 for each blog entry
Subjects covered include credit cards, loans, make money online, and other money-related subjects.
Article Type: Article

4. Income Record

Income Diary offers both a method for people to earn money and material for companies and enterprises. Good guest blogs that are relevant to their theme are accepted.
The “Submit Article” form, which asks for some basic information about the article and you, must be completed using the Income Diary. They give rules for creating high-quality material and have high requirements.
Pay: $150 to $300 for each SEO post, with $200 being the average.

Subjects: Earning money online, including traffic creation, affiliate marketing, SEO, and entrepreneurship
Category: Articles

5. A lively existence

Bright Living You write about leading a life that really affects your readers if you want to get compensated for writing about spirituality, health, and wellness!
They seek for trustworthy—as opposed to trendy—information, advice, and practicality that uplifts readers with uplifting themes and captivating, easily readable tales.
Pay: between $100 and $300 for each feature piece

Article Type: Article – Topics: Physical Health, Nutrition, Exercise, Mental Health, and Spiritual Balance

6. Leading a healthy lifestyle

An online magazine called Healthy Living is dedicated to wellness and health.
You may write about anything associated with healthy living, since they welcome contributions from authors and are always searching for fresh material.
One thing about Healthy Living is that, under their submission requirements, they won’t utilize your post if you don’t hear back from them within six days of submitting it. This means you may submit your essay elsewhere right away.

Pay: $150 per piece;

Subjects: Fitness, Nutrition, and Maintaining Health
Article Type: Article

7. Excellent Escape Publishing Travel Guide

Articles regarding the craft and business of earning money while traveling, whether by writing, photography, travel, or other methods, may be found on the website Great Escape Publishing.
It is advisable that you get acquainted with what they are searching for. They write in a certain specialty, therefore in order to fit in, you’ll need to adjust your style accordingly.
It is important to note that people do not accept straight tales concerning travel. Rather, they concentrate on advice on how to write about travel and earn money.

Payment: $150 for each entry
Subjects: How to Write, Travel, Take Pictures, and Earn Money While Traveling.
Article Types: Personal Narratives, Articles, and Interviews

8. Making a Living by Writing
work for a career provides advice on how to discover paying markets, how to negotiate contracts, and other topics to assist authors in earning a career from their work.
Only guest contributions from students or alumni of mentorship programs, as well as current and past members of the Freelance Writers Den, will be taken into consideration.

Pay: $75 to $150 per posting
Subjects covered include productivity, marketing, copywriting, ghostwriting, and blogging.
Article Type: Article

9. Michel Pippin, B.


B. Michelle Pippin is a business-focused website offering tools, guidance, and support to female entrepreneurs.
The blog is open to contributions; however, in order for them to appear on the site, they must not have been published anywhere within ninety days after the submission.
Salary: $50 to $150 per article

Topics include: how to be more productive; how to achieve numerous effects from one activity; how to secure paid and unpaid speaking engagements; tax advice for female entrepreneurs; and how to make money on YouTube.
Article Types: Written articles and/or videos submitted

10. Mom Who Freelances
One platform where individuals may be paid to write online is called Freelance Mom. In addition, it is a location where mothers may earn money from their writing and a network for authors online.
Some independent contractors earn more money from Freelance Mom writing than they do from blogging.

The job may be done from home and is flexible. This website is an excellent place to start if you’re a mother who wants to get compensated for writing.
Payments: PayPal, $75 to $100 each submission
Article Types: Personal, Research, and Educational;

Topics: Strategies for Finding Clients, Bargaining Prices, and Managing Time Amidst Motherhood’s Demands.
11. The magazine International Living
The website International Living Magazine caters to those who like to travel, retire, enjoy delicious meals, and much more.
They produce articles for young people seeking for a nice place to vacation, but their primary audience is seniors, retirees, and individuals who can travel.
Pay: between $100 and $150 per piece
Subjects: island getaways, fine dining, real estate investing, retirement destinations, and further travel-relevant subjects
Types of articles: advice, autobiographical, and brief tales

12. Sports Magazine for Fishing

If you like fishing, your first pick should be Sport Fishing Magazine, a well-known online publication with millions of subscribers!
Sportfishing Magazine looks to seasoned authors and fishermen for insightful commentary on tactics, gear, and approaches.
For those who like fishing and are able to make a living from it, it also pays authors high publication rates.

Pay: $750 for print pieces (manuscripts may get up to $1,500 for extended features); $200 for digital prints up to 1,000 words; $300 for more than 1,000 words
Article Type: Article

 – Topic: Fishing

13. Bestpicker
The website is devoted to providing user and purchase guidance for various items.
Paid: One hundred words cost

themes: There are many themes mentioned, but the ones we see most often include backpacks, outdoor gear, and hunting gear.
Article kinds: user manuals, purchasing tips, instructive pieces, and fantastic bargains

Earn Money Writing Poems, Stories, and Other Works

Poems may be written for publications around the nation, magazines, and books, in addition to being paid for freelance work!

Poems may be submitted at these 11 websites:
14. Sun Magazine

The Sun Magazine a well-known online publication that emphasizes personal writing.
You don’t need a lot of writing expertise or a vivid imagination to create engaging tales about your life, which makes it an excellent spot for novices.
Payment: $100 to $250 for poetry; $300 to $2,000 for prose and fiction

Topics: Narratives pertaining to political and cultural concerns are encouraged.
Article Types: Poetry, fiction, and autobiographies

15. Writer’s Digest
One website that offers helpful materials to those who want to pursue writing as a profession is Writer’sDigest.
In addition, it compensates independent authors to get the greatest material and distributes it to readers!
Compensation: $0.30 to $0.50 per word ($600 to $1,000 for a 2,000 word narrative);

Reprints: 25% of the initial purchase price each

Subjects: Anything to keep authors motivated
Article types: Narratives about subjects that the writing community finds interesting, such memoirs and personal essays
16. The Review of Three Pennies
A magazine that publishes poetry, memoir, nonfiction, and fiction is called The Threepenny Review.
To ensure that authors always have something fascinating to read, they are constantly interested in receiving unique material and submissions of excellent writing that are free of duplicates or already published work.
Payment: $200 for a poetry or table talk piece, $400 for an essay or narrative
Topic: A particular incident or topic that the reader may find interesting.
Article Type: Poetry, table conversation, memoir, tale, or review
17. Science fiction and fantasy

A journal called Fantasy and Science Fiction offers essays, articles, and short science fiction tales on fantasy and science fiction subjects.
Not only can you employ your creativity while writing fantasy or science fiction, but publishers are aware that these genres will appeal to a wide audience of readers. This makes writing these genres very profitable.
Payment: $0.08 to $0.12 per word, or $240 to $260 for a narrative of 2,000 words.

Subject: Humor, horror, science fiction, fantasy, or another genre
Article Type: Narrative
18. The Scholar from America
The American Scholar is a quarterly publication that compensates authors for pieces on literature, science, culture, civic affairs, and history.
Both new and experienced authors are invited to submit. It may take months for submissions to be responded to, however.
Payments: $250 for work done only online, $500 for work approved.
Topics include science, literature, history, public affairs, and culture.
Types of articles: essays, poems, fiction, and articles
19. Soul Food Chicken Soup
As a publisher of books, eBooks, and articles, Chicken Soup for the Soul is well-known for its moving, inspirational short tales.
Every brief piece aims to establish some kind of connection with readers and provide them with important concepts that they may use to their own life.
Once the book is released, Chicken Soup compensates the writer, but that’s a fixed fee for a short tale you really care about.
$200 every month after the book’s publication; – Story or poetry, not “sermon, essay, or eulogy”; – Article type: thrilling, touching, or humorous;
Clubhouse Magazine (20)
Clubhouse Magazine is a Christian-oriented journal that aims to educate, amuse, and inspire children between the ages of eight and twelve.
They welcome articles as well as fiction and non-fiction pieces.
Pay: $200+ for short stories, $150+ for nonfiction books. Subject matter: healthy, thrilling, action-packed, or amusing educational content.
Article types include fiction, nonfiction, and essays.
21. Reader’s Digest
Reader’s Digest is the next best option if print articles pique your attention.
Since it first went into publication in the early 1900s, Reader’s Digest has gained widespread recognition and esteem.
Contributors have the opportunity to reach millions of people worldwide with their experiences, thoughts, and tales.
Payment: $100 for each narrative
Subject: Real-Life Narratives
Category: Personal Narratives
22. The rattlesnake

Rutter is seeking well-written poetry that introduces people to fresh ideas.
Quarterly issues of the print magazine are released. The online publication takes entries on a rolling basis and publishes every week.
Payment: $200 for each print poem and a complimentary one-year magazine membership; $100 for each digital poem

Themes: Poetry of any kind is acceptable as long as it is well-written and presents the reader with something fresh.
Type of Article: Poetry

 23. Medium
Because it enables you to publish online and interact with a big audience, Medium is an excellent platform for authors.
You may begin creating articles and posting them on Medium as soon as you join up.
One major benefit is that you may sell yourself to customers by using pieces from Medium in your writing portfolio.
Restitution: You get payment for the time a visitor spends reading an article as well as half of the membership charge if they become members!
Subject: Anything
Types of articles: essays and short tales
Commonly Asked Questions
How do I start writing for myself?
One of the best ways to increase your online writing income is via freelancing. You may produce a wide range of content for customers, and many individuals have found success as freelance writers.
In addition to writing for blogs and periodicals like in-flight and digital, freelance writers often work under contract for a range of customers.
Additionally, if a freelance writer has the expertise and writing abilities necessary to be successful in the industry, many employers will pay them handsomely.
It’s also not necessary to be an expert writer—there are fantastic writing programs that may expedite your job!
Finding freelance customers may also be accomplished in a variety of ways, such using social media or establishing connections with other local freelancers.
Would you want to start working as a freelance writer? To get started, check out the booklet Freelance Write From Home!

A ghost writer: what is it?
A professional writer who takes on writing projects for other persons who are published but not identified as writers is known as a ghost writer.
Instead of the real ghostwriter being identified as the author of these works, the publisher’s name is shown, which may or may not be advantageous depending on the situation.

The majority of the time, screenplays, articles, novels, speeches, and other types of material are ghostwritten.
One of the best ways to support yourself as a freelance writer would be to become a ghostwriter. It’s critical to keep in mind that you lack creative control over the project.

Careers available to writers


If you’re a writer, there are many options for you to locate remote or office-based freelance writing work.
Some of the places where you may be paid to write are listed below.
Writers of blogs: Those who write for blogs are known as blog writers. They could write on current affairs or their own experiences.

News Writers: News writers provide pieces to newspapers or websites about current affairs.
Social Media Copywriter: Social media copywriters provide material for prospective customers on social media by using marketing strategies, SEO, ritual posts, hashtags, slogans, and more.
To What Amount Can I Earn?
Great money and flexibility are available in freelance writing employment, but the amount paid varies depending on a number of criteria, such as the kind of writing, experience level, and marketability of the work.
Submission rules for many journals include the rate of remuneration for each article or project. The prerequisites for every article are also included.
Generally speaking, depending on how marketable their work is, authors may expect to earn between $0.01 and $1.00 per word.
Some websites may pay from $50 to $2,000 for in-depth and lengthier pieces.
In addition, depending on your qualifications and expertise, you might bargain for a larger payment for your labor. Last Words

It’s always a pleasure to earn money writing.

There are many of options on our list of the top websites where you can be paid to write to assist you in launching a profitable freelance writing career.

There are a ton of choices accessible for fresh ideas, whether you’re seeking for online writing employment or want to start a blog and publish articles for yourself.

If your suggested article is rejected, don’t give up. Try again and look for other article writing revenue streams.

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